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آرشیو برچسب : مصاحبه براي كار به انگليسي 504

موفقیت های فردی در مصاحبه انگلیسی


“What does success mean to you?“ There are many things you can say.  This type of question doesn’t have a wrong answer.  All answers will be correct.  So the best answer is how good you can make the answer.  A mediocre answer will be something like completing a project on time.  You can say this, but add another twist to ...

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مدیریت زمان فردی در مصاحبه به انگلیسی


Do you manage your time well?” “In what ways do you manage your time well?” The first question is a little easier.  The second question is more difficult because it requires an example.  I’m going to give an example for the second question and you should be able to use it for the first question as well. Short Answer “I ...

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مصاحبه کاری به انگلیسی (2)

interview 8

What could you have done to improve your relationship with a manager you didn’t like?“ This question could be a follow up to the question about having a bad manager.  In my case, I didn’t know he was a bad manager until I switched managers.  But here is a generic answer that shows professionalism. Short Answers “If I communicated my ...

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