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آرشیو برچسب : معنی پرواز به انگلیسی

تاییدیه بلیط پرواز به انگلیسی


Confirming your Flight If you are taking a plane to travel, then you will be calling a travel agent and purchasing a ticket in your own country.  We will not cover this portion because you can do it in your own language.  But once you arrive to your English speaking location, you might need to change your flight and talk ...

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جملات مربوط به کانتر پرواز به انگلیسی


When you first reach the counter, you should give them your ticket and your passport.  The first question they usually ask is how many are traveling with you. “Is anybody traveling with you today?” “Is anybody else traveling with you?” “Are just you two traveling today?” All airlines have a list of questions they have to ask you.  Let’s look ...

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