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آرشیو برچسب : مکالمه انگلیسی در سفر

مبانی صحبت کردن به انگلیسی 2


I have + past participle Again, ‘I have’ shows possession or something acquired. By adding a past participle you are informing someone of a past or completed action done by you. Here are some examples: “I have done it.” “I have heard that before.” “I have driven a car.” “I have forgotten the words.” “I have read that book.” “I ...

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کرایه کردن ماشین در سفر به انگلیسی

car rental

 car rental When you travel, it is common to rent a car.  You will either call and make a reservation, or you will rent one by walking up to the counter.  We will cover both scenarios here. At the Counter If you are at the airport, you can ask an airport employee, “where is the rental car booth?” or “where ...

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رزرو هتل به انگلیسی 3


After they determine how many rooms and how many total people, they will ask you what type of bed you want. “Would you like a single king size bed, or two double size beds in the room?” “Will a single king size bed be ok?” “We only have a room with two double size beds.  Will that be ok?” “Do ...

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رزرو هتل به انگلیسی 1


It is not common to go to a hotel without a reservation so I will only cover the reservation aspect.  Along with reserving a room, I will cover checking in, checking out, room service, and wake up call. Making a Reservation When you make a reservation, call them and tell them you want to reserve a room.  Or, you can ...

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