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آرشیو برچسب : کلمه رستوران به انگلیسی

سفارشات معمول در رستوران به انگلیسی


When you sit down to eat at a restaurant remember to leave a tip.  The average you should leave is 15 percent. After you are seated, the first thing they ask is if you want something to drink. “Can I get you a drink?” “Can I get a drink for you?” “Would you like to order a drink now?” “Can ...

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درخواست صورتحصاب در رستوران به انگلیسی


Regular restaurant eating and requesting bill Most places will come by once when you are eating and ask how everything is.  This is a chance for you to order something else, complain about something, or get a refill on your drink.  Some of the things they might say are: “How is everything?” “Is everything ok?” “How is your dinner?” “How ...

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